Green Public Health

Green Public Health

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Cervinka, R., Höltge, J., Pirgie, L., Schwab, M., Sudkamp, J., Haluza, D., Arnberger, A., Eder, R., & Ebenberger, M.: Green Public Health – Benefits of Woodlands on Human Health and Well-being = Zur Gesundheitswirkung von Waldlandschaften. 2014. 48 S.

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This study aims to provide an overview of the scientific literature on the benefits of wood lands on people’s health, well-being, and quality of life. Its intention is to high light the advantages of the forest as a place for leisure activities, restoration, recovery from stress and further social and therapeutic interventions. Its aim is to take stock of the current state of the scientific knowledge and provide a knowledge base for projects re lating to Green Care in woodlands and Green Public Health. Both scientific and practical projects have been taken into account.


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Nature and Health
  • Forests as Natural Habitat
  • Task and Objective of the Literature Review
  • Method
  • Special Aspects of Forests as Natural Habitat
  • Trees and Forests
  • Forests as Setting for Health-related Activities
  • Health Promotion, Health Prevention and Forests: Focusing on Healthy Groups of People
  • Forests and Physical Health
  • Forests and Mental Health
  • Forests and Social Health
  • Therapy, Rehabilitation and Forests: Focusing on Groups of People with Diseases
  • Forests and Mental, Physical and Social Symptoms of Disease
  • Wilderness Therapy Programmes
  • Conditions Influencing Health Effects in Forests
  • Duration of the Visit
  • Activities and Exercise
  • Social Context - Alone or in Company
  • Other Influencing Factors
  • General Conditions for Nature and Forest Visits
  • Social and Personal Conditions
  • Reasons for Seeking Restoration in Forests and Activities Undertaken in Forests
  • Monetary Aspects of Restoration in Forests
  • Practical Examples
  • Developments in Asia, Europe and Australia
  • Healing Forest Garden Nacadia
  • The (computer-generated) Virtual Forest
  • Overview of Scientific Reviews and Outlook
  • References
  • Books
  • Links


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