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BFW-Dokumentation 24/2017

BFW-Dokumentation 24/2017

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Michel, A.; Seidling, W. [Hrsg.]: Forest Condition in Europe 2017: Technical Report of ICP Forests Report under the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). 2017. 128 S.



The International Co-operative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests) is one of the most diverse programmes within the Working Group on Effects (WGE) under the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). To provide a regular overview of the programme’s activities, the ICP Forests Programme Co-ordinating Centre (PCC) yearly publishes an ICP Forests Technical Report which summarises research highlights and provides an opportunity for all participating countries to report on their national ICP Forests activities. The PCC also invites all ICP Forests Expert Panels, Working Groups, and Committees to publish a comprehensive chapter on their most recent results from regular data evaluations. This 2017 Technical Report presents results from up to 32 of the 42 countries participating in ICP Forests.

Part A presents research highlights from the 2016/17 reporting period, including:

  • a review of this year’s 32 scientific publications for which ICP Forests data and/or the ICP Forests infrastructure were used;
  • a summary of the 5th ICP Forests Scientific Conference in Luxembourg in May 2016;
  •  a list of all 49 ICP Forests research projects ongoing for at least one month between June 2016 and May 2017
Part B focuses on regular evaluations from within the programme. This year the Technical Report includes chapters on:
  • the spatial variation of atmospheric throughfall deposition in forests in Europe in 2015;
  •  trends in foliar nitrogen and phosphorus foliar concentrations and element ratios since 2000;
  • tree crown condition in 2016 including trend analyses;
  • selected meteorological stress indices for 2013–2015.

Part C includes national reports on ICP Forests activities from the participating countries.
For contact information of all authors and persons responsible in this programme, please refer to the annex at the end of this report. For more information on the ICP Forests programme, please visit the ICP.