Forest in Austria

Forest in Austria

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Schreck M., Lackner Ch. [Red.], Khorchidi M., Lackner M. [Übers.]: Forest in Austria. 2016. 27 S.




  • Our forests are doing well!
  • Austrian Research Centre for Forests
  • We know all about forests!
  • Forest area in Austria
  • National Forest Inventory - You see the wood for the trees
  • The historical context
  • Forest and climate – The green lungs of Austria
  • Natural Hazards – Forests and their guardian spirits
  • Natural forests and their biodiversity
  • Presumed dead but living longer – Deadwood and biodiversity
  • Sustainably managed timber stock: Finding a balance between growth and utilization
  • Who owns Austrian forests?
  • Forest for recreation
  • Glossary


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