We know all about Forests

We know all about Forests

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Schreck M., Lackner Ch. [Red.] Khorchidi M., Goff D., Lackner M., [Übers.]: BFW - We know all about Forests. 4. Auflage 2019. 14 S.


Austrian Research Centre for Forests – We know all about Forests

The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) covers all aspects of forests and forest management – from an economic, ecological and social point of view. We use science to advance sustainable forest management and mitigate natural hazards, further aggravated by climate change. Our research focuses on the sustainable forest management of forests, biodiversity, natural hazards and climate change, aiming to:

  • provide national and international policy and decision makers, forest managers and forestry consultants with solid expertise

  • disseminate acquired and practical knowledge on to society,

  • provide vocational training for forest technicians and workers as well as environmental education practitioners and forest pedagogues at our two training centres.

In addition BFW is mandated by the Republic of Austria as the national authority to undertake surveillance tasks in regards to international trade of forest reproductive materials, forest plant health and import of forest products under various national and international regulations (e.g.: EU Timber Regulation, FLEGT licensing scheme). All our activities serve one common goal: to provide knowledge-based answers for the benefit of our society - worldwide.

  • Forest and its Management - We provide the fundamentals
  • Forest and Climate - We explore the change
  • Forest and Water - We explore the dynamics         
  • Forest and Biodiversity - We maintain and utilize diversity
  • Forest and Natural Hazards - We give you the green light
  • The BFW-Facts

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