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BFW-Dokumentation 18/2014

BFW-Dokumentation 18/2014

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Michel A., Seidling W. [Hrsg.]: Forest Condition in Europe 2014. Technical Report of ICP Forests. Report under the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). 2014. 164 S.





This 2014 Technical Report provides descriptive statistics of the ICP Forests 2013 large-scale (Level I) and 2012 intensive (Level II) monitoring in 25 of the 42 ICP Forests member states, while considering the EEA European forest type classification. It also includes numerical results and national reports of the 2013 national crown condition surveys of 28 member states. Data analyses for this report focus on tree crown condition, including tree damage, and the spatial variation of open field (bulk) and throughfall deposition. The report also contains a description of the new “Aggregated Forest Soil Condition Database” (AFSCDB) of ICP Forests, which will foster integrated evaluations and process-based modelling in the future.